This is Zappaz

Zappaz is an affordable, gastronomic tapasrestaurant where you will dine in a charming setting. We serve you an afternoon lunch and in the evening you can choose gastrotapas in a 5-, 6- or 7-courses dinner. For those who enjoy sharing, we recommand our sharingmenus. Zappaz offers a pleasant environment with good music, a great atmosphere, and a dash of rock ‘n’ roll.

The Gastro-tapas menu lets you sample a selection of international flavours; it consists of 5, 6 or 7 tapas.

If you wish to get a feel for the atmosphere in the kitchen, then you can have your dishes at  the bar, which is like a part of the kitchen.

With your Gastro-tapas you can enjoy an discover our cocktails, some sparkling wine, beers,  gin & tonic or a good glass of wine.

Besides the open kitchen, the chefs also serve the tapas at your table, insofar as possible.


Seppe Dezeure

Studied at the Ter Duinen hotel and catering school in Koksijde, where he specialized in ‘world gastronomy and speciality restaurant’. During his training he interned at the Arenberg restaurant and the Trente restaurant in Leuven. To get a feel for the rock ‘n’ roll ambiance of kitchens he interned at the Apicius restaurant in Valencia. It’s during this experience in Valencia that he developed a taste for gastronomic tapas. He has also worked in the Luzine restaurant in Leuven.